Research and Publications

Socio-economic impacts of novel coronavirus: The policy solutions

O Evans
BizEcons Quarterly 7, 3–12

The Determinants of Financial Inclusion in Africa: A Dynamic Panel Data Approach

O Evans, B Adeoye
University of Mauritius Research Journal 22, 310-336

Financial inclusion, financial development, and economic diversification in Nigeria

O Adeola, O Evans
The Journal of Developing Areas 51 (3), 1-15

Connecting the poor: the internet, mobile phones and financial inclusion in Africa

O Evans
Digital Policy, Regulation and Governance

The effectiveness of monetary policy in Africa: modeling the impact of financial inclusion

O Evans
Iranian Economic Review 20 (3), 327-337

Digital tourism: mobile phones, internet and tourism in Africa

O Adeola, O Evans
Tourism Recreation Research 44 (2), 190-202

Drivers of International Tourism Demand in Africa

O Adeola, N Boso, O Evans
Business economics

The Effects of Economic and Financial Development on Financial Inclusion in Africa

O Evans
Review of Economic and Development Studies 1 (1), 17-25

ICT, infrastructure, and tourism development in Africa

O Adeola, O Evans
Tourism Economics 26 (1), 97-114

Repositioning for increased digital dividends: internet usage and economic well-being in sub-saharan Africa

O Evans
Journal of Global Information Technology Management 22 (1), 47-70

Financial inclusion and GDP per capita in Africa: A Bayesian VAR model

O Evans, OR Alenoghena
Journal of Economics & Sustainable Development 8 (18), 44-57

The effects of the US-China trade war and Trumponomics

O Evans
Forum Scientiae Oeconomia 7 (1), 47-55

Digital Agriculture: Mobile Phones, Internet & Agricultural Development in Africa

O Evans
Actual Problems of Economics 205, 76-90

Digital Health: ICT and Health in Africa

O Adeola, O Evans
Actual Problems of Economics 208, 66-83

The effects of foreign direct investment, trade, aid, remittances and tourism on welfare under terrorism and militancy

O Evans, I Kelikume
International Journal of Management, Economics and Social Sciences 7 (3 …

The impact of microfinance on financial inclusion in Nigeria

O Adeola, O Evans
The Journal of Developing Areas 51 (4), 193-206

Corruption effects on Nigeria: Aggregate and sectoral estimates using VAR

RO Alenoghena, O Evans
Journal of Economic & Financial Studies 3 (03), 41-48

The relative effect of monetary and fiscal policy on economic development in Africa: a GMM approach to the St. Louis equation

O Evans, S Adeniji, I Nwaogwugwu, I Kelikume, O Dakare, O Oke
Business and Economic Quarterly 2, 3-23

Digital politics: internet and democracy in Africa

O Evans
Journal of Economic Studies

Back to the land: The impact of financial inclusion on agriculture in Nigeria

E Olaniyi
Iranian Economic Review 21 (4), 885-903

The impact of poverty, unemployment, inequality, corruption and poor governance on Niger Delta militancy, Boko Haram terrorism and Fulani herdsmen attacks in Nigeria

O Evans, I Kelikume
International Journal of Management, Economics and Social Sciences (IJMESS …

Social Media in Marketing Communications: A Synthesis of Successful Strategies for the Digital Generation

O Adeola, H Robert E., O Evans
Business Transformation in Data Driven Societies

Improved financial performance without improved operational efficiency: the case of Nigerian firms

O Evans
Forum Scientiae Oeconomia 6 (3), 25-41

Digital government: ICT & public sector management in Africa

O Evans
In W. Sroka, J. Kurowska-Pysz, L. Wróblewski, & J. Klieštiková (Eds.), New …

A Multi-Sectoral Study of Financial Inclusion and Economic Output in Nigeria

O Evans, O Lawanson
“Ovidius” University Annals, Economic Sciences Series 17 (1), 195-204

Can cryptocurrency, mobile phones, and internet herald sustainable financial sector development in emerging markets?

O Vincent, O Evans
Journal of Transnational Management 24 (3), 259-279

A sectoral analysis of fiscal and monetary actions in Nigeria

I Nwaogwugwu, O Evans
The Journal of Developing Areas 50 (4), 211-229

Inflation targeting as a possible monetary framework for Nigeria

I Kelikume, O Evans
The International Journal of Business and Finance Research 9 (5), 71-81

Money, Inflation and Output in Nigeria and South Africa: Could Friedman and Schwartz Be Right?

O Evans
Journal of African Business 20 (3), 392-406

Human Capital, structural change and economic growth developing countries: the case of Nigeria

OI Lawanson, O Evans
University of Lagos Press and Bookshop

Determinants of stock trading volume in Nigeria: Money demand approach

SO Muibi, AR Osi, O Evans, T Seun
Journal of Empirical Economics 5 (2), 74-89

Threshold effects in the relationship between interest rate and financial inclusion in Nigeria

E Olaniyi
Journal of Economics and Business Research 23 (1), 7-22

Tourism and Economic Wellbeing in Africa

O Adeola, O Evans, H Robert E.
In M. Mkono (Ed.) Positive Tourism in Africa, 145-160

Quantifying the impact of monetary and exchange rate policies on economic diversification in Nigeria

O Evans, O Saibu
Nigerian Journal of Economic and Social Studies 59 (1), 131-152

Information and communication technologies and economic development in Africa in the short and long run

O Evans
International Journal of Technology Management & Sustainable Development 18 …

Blockchain Technology and the Financial Market: An Empirical Analysis

O Evans
Actual Problems of Economics 211, 82-101

The Monetary Model of Exchange Rate in Nigeria: An Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) Approach

O Evans

Economic of Population Expansion in Nigeria

O Evans
Retrieved April 26, 2017

The curious case of petro-monetary transmission mechanism in oil-producing countries: An analysis of the effect of oil price on inflation in Nigeria

O Evans
Iranian Economic Review 25 (1), 107-120

Impact of oil price shocks on stock market prices volatility in Nigeria: new evidence from a non-linear ARDL Cointegration

B Obi, AS Oluseyi, O Evans
Journal of Global Economy 14 (3), 1-17

Searching for the relative potency of monetary and fiscal policies in selected African countries: A panel data approach to St. Louis equation

S Adeniji, O Evans

Testing Finance-Led, Export-Led and Import-Led Growth Hypotheses on Four Sub-Saharan African Economies

O Evans

On the causality between domestic credit aggregates and economic growth in a multivariate VAR framework: Evidence from Nigeria

O Evans

How much is too much? The threshold effects of interest rate on growth and investment in Nigeria

E Olaniyi
Journal of Management & Administration 2019 (1), 69-98

The gender question and family entrepreneurship research

O Adeola, MZ Ngoasong, O Evans
Knowledge, learning and innovation, 159-176

Foreign Direct Investment and Tourism Development in Africa

O Adeola, N Boso, ELC Osabutey, O Evans
Tourism Analysis 25 (4), 395-408

The distributional effects of fiscal policy on consumption and employment in Nigeria: A Bayesian DSGE Approach

O Evans, IC Nwaogwugwu, ESO Odior
Journal of Economic and Policy Analysis

International financial integration and the Nigerian economic performance: A var modeling approach

O Evans

Growth Effects of Financial Integration and Financial Deepening in Selected Sub-Saharan African Economies: a Panel-Data Approach

O Evans

The Effect of Financial Openness Measure on the Government Size in Selected Countries

AM Tehranchian, M Abdi Seyyedkolaee, N Imani, SZ Zakeritabar
Iranian Economic Review 24 (3), 723-741

Efficient market hypothesis in the presence of market imperfections: Evidence from selected stock markets in Africa

I Kelikume, E Olaniyi, FA Iyohab
International Journal of Management, Economics and Social Sciences (IJMESS …

Correlations between the Petroleum Industry and the Per Capita Income in Nigeria: Cointegration and Error Correction Model Approach by Olaniyi Evans

O Evans

An Overview of Jamaica’s Fiscal Reform Programme

O Evans
Tax Reform in the Caribbean, 115

Tourism Effects of Pandemics: New Insights from Novel Coronavirus

E Osuji, O Evans
SPOUDAI-Journal of Economics and Business 70 (3-4), 56-65

 Financing for sustainable development in Africa: The potentials of domestic and international sources of finance for the UN sustainable development goals

O Evans

 Fiscal Discipline, Financial Development & Economic Growth in Nigeria

O Evans

 The Firstclass You,

O Evans
Hevanz International,

 2020What are the Short-run and Long-run Drivers of Human Capital Development in Nigeria?

C Nwaogwugwu, O Evans

 University Mathematics: Volume 2

O Evans
Hevanz International

 University Mathematics: Volume 1

O Evans
Hevanz International


A Abayomi, AS Oluseyi, O Evans

 How to Get a First-Class Degree

O Evans