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Focus areas: Economics of digital technology, development, welfare economics, public economics

Olaniyi Evans was born in Ikere, Ekiti in 1980. A graduate of University of Lagos, he received his PHD in 2021.. He has taught at University of Lagos and Pan Atlantic University. Evans has helped create a new branch of economics, “The Economics of Digital Technology,” exploring the consequences of ICT and pioneering such pivotal concepts as digital politics and digital health, which have now become standard tools not only for theorists, but of policy analysts.



    Research and Publications

    Socio-economic impacts of novel coronavirus: The policy solutions

    O Evans
    BizEcons Quarterly 7, 3–12

    The Determinants of Financial Inclusion in Africa: A Dynamic Panel Data Approach

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    Financial inclusion, financial development, and economic diversification in Nigeria

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    Connecting the poor: the internet, mobile phones and financial inclusion in Africa

    O Evans
    Digital Policy, Regulation and Governance

    The effectiveness of monetary policy in Africa: modeling the impact of financial inclusion

    O Evans
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    Digital tourism: mobile phones, internet and tourism in Africa

    O Adeola, O Evans
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    Drivers of International Tourism Demand in Africa

    O Adeola, N Boso, O Evans
    Business economics

    The Effects of Economic and Financial Development on Financial Inclusion in Africa

    O Evans
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    ICT, infrastructure, and tourism development in Africa

    O Adeola, O Evans
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    Repositioning for increased digital dividends: internet usage and economic well-being in sub-saharan Africa

    O Evans
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    Financial inclusion and GDP per capita in Africa: A Bayesian VAR model

    O Evans, OR Alenoghena
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    The effects of the US-China trade war and Trumponomics

    O Evans
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    Digital Agriculture: Mobile Phones, Internet & Agricultural Development in Africa

    O Evans
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    Digital Health: ICT and Health in Africa

    O Adeola, O Evans
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    The effects of foreign direct investment, trade, aid, remittances and tourism on welfare under terrorism and militancy

    O Evans, I Kelikume
    International Journal of Management, Economics and Social Sciences 7 (3 …

    The impact of microfinance on financial inclusion in Nigeria

    O Adeola, O Evans
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    Corruption effects on Nigeria: Aggregate and sectoral estimates using VAR

    RO Alenoghena, O Evans
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    The relative effect of monetary and fiscal policy on economic development in Africa: a GMM approach to the St. Louis equation

    O Evans, S Adeniji, I Nwaogwugwu, I Kelikume, O Dakare, O Oke
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    Digital politics: internet and democracy in Africa

    O Evans
    Journal of Economic Studies

    Back to the land: The impact of financial inclusion on agriculture in Nigeria

    E Olaniyi
    Iranian Economic Review 21 (4), 885-903

    The impact of poverty, unemployment, inequality, corruption and poor governance on Niger Delta militancy, Boko Haram terrorism and Fulani herdsmen attacks in Nigeria

    O Evans, I Kelikume
    International Journal of Management, Economics and Social Sciences (IJMESS …

    Social Media in Marketing Communications: A Synthesis of Successful Strategies for the Digital Generation

    O Adeola, H Robert E., O Evans
    Business Transformation in Data Driven Societies

    Improved financial performance without improved operational efficiency: the case of Nigerian firms

    O Evans
    Forum Scientiae Oeconomia 6 (3), 25-41

    Digital government: ICT & public sector management in Africa

    O Evans
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    A Multi-Sectoral Study of Financial Inclusion and Economic Output in Nigeria

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    Can cryptocurrency, mobile phones, and internet herald sustainable financial sector development in emerging markets?

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    A sectoral analysis of fiscal and monetary actions in Nigeria

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    Inflation targeting as a possible monetary framework for Nigeria

    I Kelikume, O Evans
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    Money, Inflation and Output in Nigeria and South Africa: Could Friedman and Schwartz Be Right?

    O Evans
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    Human Capital, structural change and economic growth developing countries: the case of Nigeria

    OI Lawanson, O Evans
    University of Lagos Press and Bookshop

    Determinants of stock trading volume in Nigeria: Money demand approach

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    Threshold effects in the relationship between interest rate and financial inclusion in Nigeria

    E Olaniyi
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    Tourism and Economic Wellbeing in Africa

    O Adeola, O Evans, H Robert E.
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    Quantifying the impact of monetary and exchange rate policies on economic diversification in Nigeria

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    Information and communication technologies and economic development in Africa in the short and long run

    O Evans
    International Journal of Technology Management & Sustainable Development 18 …

    Blockchain Technology and the Financial Market: An Empirical Analysis

    O Evans
    Actual Problems of Economics 211, 82-101

    The Monetary Model of Exchange Rate in Nigeria: An Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) Approach

    O Evans

    Economic of Population Expansion in Nigeria

    O Evans
    Retrieved April 26, 2017

    The curious case of petro-monetary transmission mechanism in oil-producing countries: An analysis of the effect of oil price on inflation in Nigeria

    O Evans
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    Impact of oil price shocks on stock market prices volatility in Nigeria: new evidence from a non-linear ARDL Cointegration

    B Obi, AS Oluseyi, O Evans
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    Searching for the relative potency of monetary and fiscal policies in selected African countries: A panel data approach to St. Louis equation

    S Adeniji, O Evans

    Testing Finance-Led, Export-Led and Import-Led Growth Hypotheses on Four Sub-Saharan African Economies

    O Evans

    On the causality between domestic credit aggregates and economic growth in a multivariate VAR framework: Evidence from Nigeria

    O Evans

    How much is too much? The threshold effects of interest rate on growth and investment in Nigeria

    E Olaniyi
    Journal of Management & Administration 2019 (1), 69-98

    The gender question and family entrepreneurship research

    O Adeola, MZ Ngoasong, O Evans
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    Foreign Direct Investment and Tourism Development in Africa

    O Adeola, N Boso, ELC Osabutey, O Evans
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    The distributional effects of fiscal policy on consumption and employment in Nigeria: A Bayesian DSGE Approach

    O Evans, IC Nwaogwugwu, ESO Odior
    Journal of Economic and Policy Analysis

    International financial integration and the Nigerian economic performance: A var modeling approach

    O Evans

    Growth Effects of Financial Integration and Financial Deepening in Selected Sub-Saharan African Economies: a Panel-Data Approach

    O Evans

    The Effect of Financial Openness Measure on the Government Size in Selected Countries

    AM Tehranchian, M Abdi Seyyedkolaee, N Imani, SZ Zakeritabar
    Iranian Economic Review 24 (3), 723-741

    Efficient market hypothesis in the presence of market imperfections: Evidence from selected stock markets in Africa

    I Kelikume, E Olaniyi, FA Iyohab
    International Journal of Management, Economics and Social Sciences (IJMESS …

    Correlations between the Petroleum Industry and the Per Capita Income in Nigeria: Cointegration and Error Correction Model Approach by Olaniyi Evans

    O Evans

    An Overview of Jamaica’s Fiscal Reform Programme

    O Evans
    Tax Reform in the Caribbean, 115

    Tourism Effects of Pandemics: New Insights from Novel Coronavirus

    E Osuji, O Evans
    SPOUDAI-Journal of Economics and Business 70 (3-4), 56-65

     Financing for sustainable development in Africa: The potentials of domestic and international sources of finance for the UN sustainable development goals

    O Evans

     Fiscal Discipline, Financial Development & Economic Growth in Nigeria

    O Evans

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    Hevanz International, http://thefirstclassyou.hevanz.com

     2020What are the Short-run and Long-run Drivers of Human Capital Development in Nigeria?

    C Nwaogwugwu, O Evans

     University Mathematics: Volume 2

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